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1a. Woodcarving Tutorials
1b. Woodcarving Links

2.  Courses in Spoon Carving, Carving, & Woodworking
3.  Green Woodworking
4.  Interesting sites
5.  Spoonmakers of the World
(88 spooncarver's websites)
6. Metal and Working Suppliers I Use

  1a.YouTube Woodcarving Videos (requires high speed internet)
My short tutorial on spoon hook knife
My tutorial on stropping a hook knife

Axe and knife work for Spoons & Ladles
Birch Bark Canoe Builder

Fan Bird Carver Japan- Sasano bori
Japanese letter carver
Battle of the Bowls - Foot versus Electric
Spoon Carver - Romanian
Vintage 1920's films of Swedish Wood Craftsmen at work, fantastic!

Harley Refsal Woodcarving

Norwegian Figure Carver

Harley Refsal Carving a Dala Horse   3 / 2013
Drew Langsner's Carved Bowls

Norwegian Acanthus Carver
Traditional Finnish Carver new
Alaska Woodcarver
Janel Jacobson Netsuke's Her work leaves me speechless..
The Carving Path Netsuke & Miniature Carver's site
Incredible Miniature Carved Animals
Fan Carving
Harley Refsal
Finnish Woodworker

Folk Figures of Norway A+ Site!
Carving Magazine
My Favorite WoodTurner/Carver
Pencil Carving?! Folks, you've got to see this one....
'Husflid' Norwegian Craft Magazine in Norwegian Language
Northwest Woodcarvers Association

Sculptor / Painter She is a stone sculptor, painter, and a dear friend - she is a person who draws from a very deep well.
Carving Magazine Online A new Woodcarving Magazine
Chip Chats Is the magazine of the National Woodcarvers Association.
Chris Pye Woodcarving A wonderful site for woodcarvers
Carved Furniture Exquisite patterning
Jogge Sundquist is one of the principle exponents of traditional and contemporary craft in Sweden.  
Driftwood Carvers is more than driftwood
Northwest Style Joseph Albert
Carved Seeds

Hand Hewn Bowls
All Things Wood and Wonderful A Great Links Page
Minnesota Woodcarvers
Mid-America Woodcarvers Assoc
Museum of Woodworking Tools this section on sharpening
MatoSha Intricate jig-sawn patterns of Native and Northern themes, by our Lakota friend Charlie, Wonderful Gifts!
Toys Kids Can Play With

Tim Runyan
Amazing Clay Sculptor in Minnesota
Hiwaiian Stone Sculpture / Painter Friend - Incredible work

Spoon, charimaking, sharpening courses in Michigan added 10 /2015
Spoon carving Minnesota  April 2016
Vermont Woodworking School

Spoons for All - Spoon Carving Teachers added 11/2015
The New Yinzer Workshop
Online Courses in Traditional Carving

Michigan Folk School
Barry Gordon
Spoon, Basketry, Snowshoes...

Robin Wood, England, Teaches Spoon and Bowl Carving
Windsor Chair school and tools

Folk and Farm School, Florida, new 2015
Marc Adams School of Woodworking an excellent school of fine woodworking
Barry Gordon Spooncarver / Teacher -Individual Spooncarving Instruction - Highly Recommended
American Swedish Institute Harley Refsal and Judy Ritger teach here
North House Folk School is a wonderful traditional crafts school right on the north shore of Lake Superior.
Country Workshops holds classes in traditional Scandinavian woodcrafts. They have a fine catalog as well.
Vesterheim Museum Harley Refsal and Judy Ritger teach here
John C Campbell Folk School Many carvers teach here
Woodcraft Supply Stores Click here, type in your zip code , and see what classes are near you
Fletcher Farms Art / Craft School in Vermont
Center for Furniture Craftsmanship School in Maine USA
"The Clearing Folk School "- This Wisconsin Center has woodcarving classes also.
Norskedalen Heritage Center Wisconsin
Woodworking School, Norwalk, CT, USA

Kulturhus Norwegian Center in Minnesota
Saterglantan - Swedens principle craft school
Michigan Woodcarver Teacher

                                                        Please send me info (url's) on other schools I can add here

Belgium Green Woodworking Society
Ancient Chinese 2 Foot Powered Lathe
Sustainable Woods Network
Traditional Woodworking - Facebook

Ash baskets, Birch Bark Canoes, Snowshoes, Toboggans... 
Le Pic Vert in Belgium new 12 / 2013
Peter Follansbee 17th Centrury Green woodwork
Shrink Boxes
Hand Hewing Craftsman
Swedish Slojd Carver
Green Woodworking in the UK, Great resource for pole lathe, coppice, furniture, etc...
Woodlanders These Folk have a great time - Crafts from the Forest - U.S.
John Alexander
A great author and researcher of green-woodworking and furniture making in US
Jogge Sundquist is one of the principle exponents of traditional and contemporary craft in Sweden.
Woodsmiths Store UK  

Maurice Pyle Woodsmith UK

Wisconsin Windsor chair maker
Our friend's amazing metal work

Hand made pipes for smokers
Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review
Scrollsaw, a generous site with lots of instruction
The Village Carpenter

Wooden Knife Sheaths
Making Wooden Knife Sheaths
Handmade Clothing by our dear friend

Southern Highlands Craft Guild
Freecycle thousands of communities have email based recycling, works great!
Grizzly Heart is the latest book by Charlie and Maureen who lived among the brown bears in the Kamchatka Penninsula, a most beautiful and thought provoking site.
Alan Lacer is one of this countries' most capable woodturning teachers, and a great guy. His new woodturning videos here.
West Africa and South America travel is the focus of this rare site by a rare fellow....Dudley Parkinson.....his travel business is dedicated to connecting 'modern world' people with people elsewhere. 
Delightful Little Animals out of imagination and cloth, by our friend Alice.
Unusual Rustic Furniture by Duane Shoup.
NAFEX Fruit growers and propagators of new and forgotten fruit varieties.
Puzzle Boxes from Japan and more, some exquisite work.
Norwegian Kicksleds - Minnesota We have one , they're Great!
MatoSha Charlie, our Lakota friends' wonderful intricatly jig-sawn patterns in pine of Native and Northern themes, Wonderful Gifts!
Chalk and Concrete,amazing!
scroll down to 'Anamorphic Drawings'
Sand Sculpture
Dust Collection Site
Yurt Foundation
Our Orchard
Little Norway

Our West African Friend's Art new link


Spoons Around the World
Scandinavian Spoon Collection
Made by Andrea, Scotland 3/15
on Mac - UK Spooncarver

FACEBOOK - Spooncarvers
Kuksa carvers
Spoon Carving UK
Holland Spoon Carver
Anders in Sweden
Swedish Carver
Incredible World Collection
Romanian Spoons

Lithuaniuan Spoons
Ancient Peruvian Spoons
Welsh Love Spoons
Hungarian and English Spoons

African Spoons
N. American Native
Ivory Coast
African Musical (scroll down)
Russian Kholoma
Central Asia
Finnish Carved Cups
Charm Spoons, Australian
World Spoons Gallery - England

Fine Welsh Love Spoons & Brooms
Romanian Spoon Seller

N.American Spoons
Kiko of Hand Print Press, Oregon
Welsh Love Spoons, Florida
Barley Seed Woodcraft, Montana 3/15
Ariele Alasko

Tom Dengler

Tim Styles
Alexander Yerks
Spoon Carvers site, wonderful
Peter Follansbee

New Welsh Love Spoon Book
Tried and True Good Finish for eating spoons
Welsh Love Spoons, Canada
Chester Basils Spoons
Spiral Spoons
Spoons by Tom Crowl
Florida Spoon Carver
Campbell Bosworth Spooncarver
Alaskan Carver, Great Variety
James Loyd, Ozark Spoon Carver
Mountian Made - W. Virginia
Canadian Spoon Carver
Spoon Carver Barry Gordon Beautiful Work!
Spoon Exchange
 Interesting Idea

Allegheny Treenware
Spoon Lady

Blueberry Hill
Scuptural Spoons by Norm Sartorius
Cooking Spoons
Steve Emma Spoons
Steven Fletcher Spoons
William Chappelow Spoons
Michigan Spoons
Missouri, Spoon & Bowl Carver
Alleghany Treenware
Kitchenwares, Maryland
Aki Yamamoto Carver, Canada
David Fisher

Tim Runyan Incredible!
Fox River Spoon Company near Chicago

Sami Carvers of Lapland
Guksi Engraved Antler and Birch cup
Reindeer Antler

Sami Duodji 'the Art of Lapland'
Sami Craft

Sami Slojd

Birch Kosas

6. Commerical Suppliers I use for Metalworking and Woodworking Supplies
ASM International - Heat treating books.
Hudson - Tool Steel
TruGrit - 2x72 Knife Grinding Belts
Fintech Abrasives, Michigan
Tim Zowada - Custom Salt HT Furnaces
Omega - Temperature Control and Measurement
Morse - Band Saw Coils

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