Spoons for the Mouth

Dengler Spoons

I took this picture at the kitchen table of my spooncarver friend, Tom Dengler. One is by Ville Sundquist, a couple by myself, and the rest by Tom. If you have never eaten with wood spoons notice how new these tools-of-eating look, yet they get hard everyday service. They get more polished and fine with use, not the other way around. Nothing could be more delightful to eat at every meal with. This is the rich tradition of northern Sweden, that I hope to pass along here.

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The first (smallest) is by an old carver in the South of Sweden. The rest are the spoons my wife and I use every day.The 2 center ones show the decorative art of kolrosing shown elsewhere in this website. The new white one is birch, and hasn't been oiled yet. The oil is edible flax seed oil. Soak for 3 days, dry for a few months, and it becomes polymerized inside the wood, making it nearly impervious to food stains and normal hot soapy water of dishwashing. Of course don't ever put one in a dishwasher...the heat and steam will drive water into them.

Cow Horn

Spoon of cow horn

Frank Foltz

Frank Foltz

Dengler Spoons

Ladle, coffee scoop, serving spoon - carved by Tom Dengler

Dengler Coffee Scoop

Closeup of above coffee scoop, by carving a vrill (an eyeless burl) one can folow the fibers so that there is virtually no end grain, thus it is very strong, yet thin. This was done partially by the amazing technique of northern Sweden of grabbing fibers with a pair of pliers, pulling, and the resultant form can be one fiber thick!

Ville Sundqwuist

Eating spoon by Ville Sundquist


Spoon by Tom's uncle, Uwe Molzen, in Denmark



A Lithuanian serving spoon, using the bark as a decorative detail and handle

Barry Bordon

These beautiful spreaders (above) are by Barry Gordon, be sure to check out his spoon carving web site (see links page).

The 2 photos below are pieces by Jon Strom of Minnesota

Jon Strom

Jon Strom

Check back, I'll be adding more spoons, be sure to look under the Links page, has many spooncarver's websites with pictures to inspire.

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