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Sweden has a very rich tradition of spoon carving.  I studied this during a winter in the north of Sweden in 1989 and 1994. I was privileged to spend many good weeks with Ville Sundquist, the much respected carver/craftsman and author who lives in northern Sweden, and many others he introduced me to. Upon returning home I realized that the wonderful types of tools they use are not available here in North America.  So, as a tool maker I decided to fill the need for these types of tools.
knives we completely hand make, from start to finish, and every possible aspect of them I have thought through - from handle and blade shape, to the steel, and the heat treating methods.  They, of course, have uses beyond spoon carving.  The edges come perfectly sharp and the blades highly polished - so that the knife glides through the wood, and so that future sharpening is a breeze.  The back of the blades are rounded and polished for comfort when pushing with a finger. 
 The handles are from our 40 year collection of beautiful hardwoods.  I was a woodturner in the 70's and 80's and couldn't bear to throw out the beautiful 'cut-offs'. So each week I now pull out
another box of random pieces and make that week's handles out of it and also out of local figured ash, oak and maple we cure ourselves Thus we cannot easily specify certain species, only that they are delightful. Since carvers are also wood lovers I enjoy thinking about each person as I make the pairings of woods in filling each order.

steel: I have chosen 01 high carbon alloy tool steel from Austria.  It costs about twice what normal high carbon steel costs, it's the very best that I can buy.  The bevel (most are 25°) and the hardness RC 62 make these tools suitable for carving any wood from pine to maple.

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HOOK KNIFE - Right Handed

HOOK KNIFE - Left Handed

1.)  HOOK KNIVES: For Spoon Carving and General Hollowing.  Blade is approx. 2". Comes with a very durable custom fitted sheath. This is the basic tool for making the bowl part of any spoon, in small spoons it will do both the roughing out and finishing cuts, in larger spoons / ladles it is the tool for doing all the initial roughing out cuts. The blade recurve means it can be 'turned over' to cut in the opposite direction.

Right Hand Hook: is the tool a right handed person would use with a drawing, pulling or squeezing cut with the right hand.  (However, some right handed carvers prefer to push the tool away with the left hand - in that instance, the Left Handed Hook Knife would be best. )  Some serious spoon carvers use both a right and a left hook, but I have designed these hook knives so that an entire spoon can be carved with just one hook knife only - by turning over the hook and carving away from oneself. Comes with a protective sheath.
Left Handed Hook: is for left handed carvers, or for right handed carvers who push with the left hands' thumb. 

Each tool comes with easy to follow sharpening instructions. All knives come with a protective sheath.

 Hook Knives (recurved shape): $64.00 unhandled $49.00

Open Sweep Knives - for finishing cuts on spoons and ladles,
specify sweep #1 or #2 - and left or right handed
$64 ea.  (blade only $49
handling tutorial)
Comes with a very durable custom sheath.



Open sweeps are for doing finishing cuts on larger spoons & ladles, but can be also used for the initial roughing out if the wood is green. (The hook knife is still the most all around spoon carving knife, and can do all the finishing cuts as well on small spoons.)
To choose which open sweep best suits your needs, picture the bowl of the spoons you prefer, if shallow, like cooking/ stirring spoons, than I'd suggest #1, if deeper, like ladles and belt cups, I'd suggest #2. We get requests for about equal numbers of each one. If you can't decide, my recommendation is #2 as it has the most curve variations.

 SLOYD KNIVES:  Our Best General Use Carving Knife.

Regular Sloyd

Short Sloyd

Straight Sloyd

Regular Sloyd Knife:  Blade is 2-1/4".  The blade length and curve are very carefully designed to give long powerful clean cuts or fine control in concave cuts.  The handle is carefully designed to give power to the hand and gives good control in any of the dozen or more grips commonly used. Comes with a protective sheath. This is the standard knife for spoon and ladle carving.

Short Sloyd:  The same as the Regular Sloyd, blade is 1-3/4";  for those who prefer a shorter knife. Comes with a protective sheath.

Straight Slojd Knife:  A few carvers have asked for this tool so I am featuring it, it is not as all-around useful as regular slojd, it is for powerful roughing cuts, flat facets, leveling convex surfaces, and I am not sure of what all else! 2 1/4" blade, (its simply a backwards sloyd!) Comes with a protective sheath.

Regular Sloyd Knife:  2 1/4"   $52.00    (unhandled $40 handling tutorial)
Short Slojd:    1 3/4"                $50.00  (unhandled $39)
Straight Edge Sloyd:  2 1/4"   $52.00    (unhandled $40


4.)  HARLEY KNIFE:  For Flat Plane Figure Carving In Clean Basswood.  Blade is 2".  

These I designed with Harley Refsal, the well known Scandinavian figure carver - Harley can carve an entire figure using only this tool.  They are especially suited for the "flat plane carving method."   Now that I have a very "high-tech digital salt-bath heat-treating settup" (the same as large industry) I do these completely here, start to finish.  I round and polish the back for hand comfort, and then shape the blade as thin as is practical -13°.  This thinness, the polish, the extremely sharp edge, and the hardness of the steel, make them cut extremely efficiently and cleanly.  However, because of this thinness, do not pry or lever the wood with them.  Avoid knots and use only clean soft woods such as basswood (wood that is dirty, has knots, or is harder, requires a thicker bevel, such as the Slojd Knife).  I heartily recommend Harley Refsal as a teacher, you may also purchase one of these knives in one of his classes.  Knife comes with a sheath.

 Harley Knife:  $45.00 with a custom fitted sheath.

5.)  STUBBY KNIFE:  The same as the Harley Knife, with sheath, blade is 1-1/2" for those who prefer a shorter knife. Comes with a protective sheath.

 Stubby Knife with custom fitted sheath.:  $44.00


6.)  KOLROSING KNIFE:  For Fine Line Surface Decoration.

I have worked with Judy Ritger for some time to perfect the design of this tool (she is a highly skilled rosemaler/kolroser from Wisconsin).  The secret to the fluid movement of this little knife is the hand turned handle (shaped like a calligraphy pen) and the carefully curved blade.  This specially designed blade I shape from solid M2 High Speed Steel.  They are very sharp, highly polished and ready to use.  With this steel, it should rarely even need stropping.  Comes with a wooden sheath.

Kolrosing is a little known but very beautiful craft having Scandinavian roots - often mirroring intricate rosemaling patterns.  It has all kinds of untapped possibilities from decorating spoons, carvings, furniture etc., or making a picture.  Draw with the knife just like you would a pencil (no shaving is removed).  For tight turns and extra fine control the cut is quite shallow, levering the tool away from you with the opposite hands' thumb against the rounded back of the blade.  Then take a pinch of extra finely ground coffee, (powder consistency) rub it into the carved area, sand away all excess coffee, apply finish, and voile!  Some people eventually gain enough control to even sign their name.  (Be sure to check out our DVD devoted to kolrosing). Blade is approx. 5/8" long.

 Kolrosing Knife:  $27.00

stropFine Leather Bench Strop - $19.00
Full length 12" - Leather 2-1/8" x 8"
Northern Ash hardwood body w/ comfortable handle, rubbed in oil finished
Leather on 2 sides add $3
(click here for page on using a strop)


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S&H for any three or more items $6.95 - includes USPS tracking

International Shipping:
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2003 photo of tools made (& me Del Stubbs/ Knifemaker) after a 2 month marathon to fill several carving classes' needs, whew! (hmmm, my beard is a bit more gray today)

finished blades

Hook knife coming hot out of forge, then comes hardening, tempering, grinding, polishing, final sharpening, and ready to handle.

The Birch Bark Sheath below we do not sell, rather we show it as a service to you. They are very finely made.
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